Oil Rubbed Bronze

Oil-rubbed bronze is a look applied to brass and copper. This decorative plating gives any project a dark, brushed look with bright hints of the underlying metal. Oil-rubbed bronze is becoming popular in home décor options. We are able to precisely plate objects of any size, from small screws to large tables.

Antique Finishes

The hand-brushed appearance of oil-rubbed bronze gives any project the timeless beauty of antique artisanship. Oil-rubbed bronze gives a deep, rich look that is complemented by the hints of copper and brass. Antique finishes add visual interest to any project and are available on a wide range of products. Give your customers the look they want with our oil-rubbed bronze.

Popular Oil-Rubbed Bronze Looks

Oil-rubbed fixtures are becoming more commonplace in the home. This finish is frequently seen in bathrooms to add contrast and visual interest. Oil-rubbed bronze is also used on decorative cabinet and door hardware as well as light fixtures. This look coordinates with many styles and colors, which makes it a great option for any project you need.
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The Process

Oil-rubbed bronze, often resembling a dark shade of antique brass, is a classic finish. The plating can be used directly to brass or to other metals once they have a brass or copper plating. Since the oil-rubbed product is created using brass, a lacquer coat is required afterward to maintain the finish. Contact us today for more information about the oil-rubbed bronze process.


Oil-rubbed bronze is available in different shades. If you are looking for a specific color, make sure to contact General Plating Company before placing your order. This way, we can match the sample given to us with the oil-rubbed bronze shade you are seeking. Contact us today with your requests.
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