Chrome Plating

Chroming, or chrome plating, is the process of coating an object with the metal chromium. This creates a silvery, shiny finish. Though many silver-looking metal finishes are on the market, a finish cannot be considered chrome plating unless chromium is used in the process. Generally, chrome plating is applied to metal objects.


Benefits of Chrome Plating

The chromium process is often used to dress up metals, such as vehicle parts, and make them more durable. These parts are then rust-resistant. Additionally, chrome is resistant to heat and provides excellent hardness. Proper chrome plating makes cleaning procedures easier since they have a smooth and uniform surface.
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Trust a Professional

Several processes exist to apply chrome. These should only be carried out by professionals since the chemicals used are toxic. These chemicals can also contaminate water supplies if spilled. Our team of craftsmen is expert at decorative and hard plating processes. These processes consist of different pretreatments and ways to apply the chrome.
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Decorative Chrome Plating

Decorative chrome plating is applied to objects to create a shiny, mirror-like finish. This plating also protects against corrosion. A thin layer of chromium is used in this process. The object is first sanded down. Once properly sanded, it is electroplated with copper followed by nickel. It is then bathed in chromium and electrified to harden. It is left with a bluish cast.
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Hard Chrome Plating

Hard chrome plating is also known as industrial or engineered chrome. This chrome plating process is used to reduce friction, improve durability and minimize galling or seizing of parts. Hard chrome tends to be thicker than decorative chrome. The chromium can be applied in a spray or as a bath, though the spray often results in a faster process.
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