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When a loved one becomes ill and passes away, it often leaves the family mourning their loss. Many people do not want to forget the treasured memories they have of their loved ones, so they choose to keep a memento of the person they lost. This memento serves as a constant reminder of the good times that they had together.

If you have lost a loved one recently, you may want to consider having a collection of theirs chrome plated. The chrome plating will protect the items from corrosion and damage so that you and your family can cherish the items forever.

Many people do not know what goes into having items chrome plated though. The following guide walks you through a few things to know about having items plated as keepsakes after a loved one passes away.

Determine If There Are Size Restrictions When Having Items Plated

When having items plated, the first thing you need to do is find out how large or small the items that will be plated can be. Some companies can only plate things that fit within certain size restrictions. Find out what dimensions the items can be to ensure that you only bring items the plating company can easily plate.

Choose the Items You Want to Have Chrome Plated Wisely

You then need to go through your loved one's house to determine which items your family wants to have plated. You may want to choose an entire collection of items that your loved one owned so that each member of the family can have a piece of the collection to cherish forever.
Some families choose to allow each family member to choose the item that they want to have plated. Make sure to clarify which item is designated for each family member so that no one fights over the pieces after they are plated.

Determine the Cost to Have the Items Plated

Before agreeing to have the items plated, find out how much the cost will be. The cost for the plating can vary based on the size of the item and the material it is made from. Some materials take more work to plate than others, and thus it costs more to have them done. For example, plastic and aluminum may be more difficult to plate than nickel or copper.
Determine if the cost of the plating will be split evenly throughout the family or if each person will pay for their item to get plated individually. Some plating companies will offer you a discounted rate for plating multiple items at once, so be sure to ask the company about any deals you may qualify for.

Be Flexible on the Timeline for the Plating

When having items plated, it is important to be flexible with the timeline. If you want to have it done immediately so that the items can be distributed at the wake or funeral, you may have to pay an additional charge to have the work rushed. You need to discuss with your family if that is a cost they are willing to pay before having the plating done.
The company will be able to give you a timeline for when the items will be done if you do not rush them. You could plan a separate ceremony after they are finished to distribute them so that you do not have to pay more for the plating.
If you plan to have items plated in the near future, contact General Plating Company right away. They can plate large and small items with ease so you and your family can keep your loved one's valued treasures for years to come.