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Whether you're building a new house or restoring an old one, you may feel like you have a million decisions to make. Where are you going to put the fridge? What type of flooring will you use in the living room? How many lights does your dining room really need?

Another important question you will be asking yourself is what type of finish you will be using on your bathroom and kitchen faucets. Bathrooms and kitchens are a huge selling point in a house and need to look their best. Every member of your family spends a lot of time in the bathroom and the kitchen, so you want your faucets to be durable and look good.

There are several different finishes you can put on your faucets. Here are the benefits of each so you can decide which one is best for you.

Chrome Finish

Chrome finishes are a widely popular choice because they are both durable and inexpensive. They are also easy to maintain because they are naturally shiny and easily matched with other types of metal in the room. The only disadvantage is that it shows water spots.

Nickel Finish

Nickel is a popular choice because it stands up to scratches well, is shiny and is easy to clean. Nickel is a little more expensive than chrome, but it resists water spots better. If you choose brushed nickel instead of polished nickel, you will be pleased to find it is one of the most durable finishes, and it doesn't show wear and tear.

Brass Finish

There are a couple different types of brass that can be used on faucets. One is a polished brass finish, which gives your room a nice vintage look. Polished brass is easy to clean, is durable and matches well with other finishes.
Satin brass provides a bolder accent color that doesn't show fingerprints or water spots. Satin brass doesn’t match as well with other fixtures, but it does give the room a more modern feel. Both types of brass are more expensive than some other finishes.

Copper Finish

Copper finish on a faucet makes a bold statement and is hard to miss. Copper finish is easy to find, and scratches made in the finish eventually disappear or blend in. One big disadvantage to copper is that it fades easily. You either have to do regular maintenance or allow it to fade, giving it the farmhouse effect, which can be beautiful if that's the style you're going for.

Bronze Finish

There are two types of bronze finishes, brushed or oil-rubbed. While more expensive than the cheaper materials, bronze is durable and doesn't show water marks. If you have small children or a big family, brushed bronze is more durable than oil-rubbed bronze.

Mixed Finishes

Style is always changing, and this goes for your faucet finishes as well. If you can't decide on one finish or are trying to match an already existing one, then you'll be pleased to find that mixed finishes are in style.
Multiple finishes add contrast, which can bring harmony to the room if used in moderation. Just be sure to stick with either all brushed or all polished. If you want to mix brushed and polished, use all the same metal. Having one of these aspects the same will help pull everything together.
Whether you're trying to sell your house, build a new one or are just looking to update, the bathroom and the kitchen are the places to pay the most attention to. Update your faucets and you update the feel of the whole room. Whatever your budget, style or taste, call us at General Plating Company. We are sure to meet your every need.