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Nickel Plating

Nickel Plating Services in Los Angeles, California

Nickel Plating
There is a nickel finish for almost any need. Nickel can be deposited for a dull or bright look as well as a soft or hard feel. Depending on the process used and conditions present, the hardness can range from 150 to 500 Vickers. Nickel is often deposited onto metal objects due to the heat treatment that is used after the nickel immersion.

Benefits of Nickel Plating

Nickel offers corrosion resistance that improves with the thickness. Additionally, nickel is magnetic and has a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Plating your projects with nickel not only gives it a consistent appearance but is also easy to clean.

Subtypes of Nickel Plating

Satin Nickel

Satin nickel is one of the most common subtypes of nickel plating. It is commonly used for furniture, store fixtures, lighting and plumbing parts. Because it is available in many finishes, including flat and dull and bright and reflective, satin nickel is a great option for a wide variety of appearances and projects.

Electroless Nickel

Electroless nickel offers perfect uniformity of plate thickness on all accessible internal and external areas. With one hour of heat treatment, this coating results in a Vickers hardness of 850. Electroless nickel can also be applied to alloys that cannot be subject to heat conditioning for a hardness of 150.

Black Nickel

Black nickel does not offer much protection. This form of plating is generally used for decorative purposes. The look can be made to appear shiny or dull as well as a variety of grays and blacks. Compared to other options such as chrome, black nickel does not show smears of fingerprints as easily. It also provides a more uniform color on your product.